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Over the last few months Mr. Moloney’s pupils have been working very hard on their JEP project.  After much discussion and pitching their ideas to Dragon’s Den it was decided to produce a cookbook.  The pupils busied themselves collecting recipes from teachers, celebrities, politicians and family members.  We have recipes from Neven Maguire,   Enda Kenny,  Michael Healy-Rae, Joe Duffy, some Kerry footballers, Alan Quinlan , to name but a few.

The pupils had their showcase day on Friday, 11th March.  What was evident from their showcase presentation was the impact the programme has had on the pupils personal development, confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem. The pupils had a hands-on look at the world of business, the various challenges and pitfalls and how to overcome these problems by working together as a team.  The many strands of the primary school curriculum found expression through the various skills needed to bring a fledgling idea to final fruition.

Many thanks to , Fr. Patsy Lynch, School Chaplain, Garda Irene Riordan Community Garda, Colm Cooper,  the many people who attended and to the very many proud parents, grandparents and friends who were in attendance at the Showcase morning making it a very memorable occasion for the pupils.

Cookbooks are on sale from the school at a cost of €6 each or two for €10.

“We think we have some really interesting recipes and we would like to thank all those who contributed and all those who helped along the way”, said Mr. Moloney.


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Spring Clean is an annual countrywide event that takes place during the month of April.  As part of National Spring Clean 2011, the pupils of 5th Class travelled to Cockle Shell Beach on Thursday, 14th April to clean the beach.


We had registered our event with An Taisce (http://www.nationalspringclean2011) and received a Clean-Up Kit which included gloves, bibs and refuse sacks.  David Diggins, our school caretaker, provided us with rubbish pickers and extra gloves.

The fine weather on the day made the experience all the more enjoyable.  A total of 30 bags of rubbish was collected by the pupils. Sincere thanks to Sinéad from Kerry County Council, who arranged for the rubbish to  be collected. 



For more photographs see Photo Gallery (Spring Clean 2011)