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Quiz Practice 1

1: Which dwarf could spin straw into gold? Rumpelstiltskin.
2: What colour are cornflowers? Blue.
3: Which fish makes spectacular leaps to get back to its birthplace? The salmon.
4: Who are the Harlem Globe Trotters?
A basketball team.
5: What is the singular of dice? Die.
6: What manmade objects orbit the earth and help with communication? Satellites. [Sputnik being the first.]
7: How many legs has a quadruped? 4 [Biped has two.]
8: Woodwind, percussion and brass are three sections of the orchestra. What is the fourth? Strings.
9: If you go “aft” in a boat, where are you? At the back.[stern]
10: A “geriatric” ward in a hospital takes care of what kind of people? Old people.
11: What breed are Eskimo dogs? Huskies.
12: What sport is Les Mans famous for? Motor racing.
13: What is the name of Moscow’s chief square?
The Red Square.
14: What are  a clove hitch and a reef? Types of knot.
15: What made craters on the Moon? Meteorites.
16: What kind of music did Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington play? Jazz.
17: What types of fruits are oranges, lemons and limes? Citrus.
18: What do Americans call a car-park? A parking lot.
19: What does the Jewish Passover commemorate?
The escape from Egypt under Moses.
20: Who wrote the operas Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute?
21: Where is the active volcano Mount Etna? Sicily.
22: How often in  twenty four hours does the tide rise and fall? Twice.
23: What does ecstatic mean? Very happy.
24: What fungus is used to make bread, beer and wine? Yeast.
25: Who was Saladin?
A Muslim leader who fought the Crusaders.
26: What proportion of the air is oxygen? One fifth: 20%.
27: Which age came after the Stone Age? Bronze Age.
28: Where is the Eifel Tower? Paris.
29: Which silent film star wore a bowler hat and carried a cane?
Charlie Chaplin.
30: Which children’s story tells of a wooden puppet that comes to life? Pinocchio.
31: What was Cinderella’s coach made from? A pumpkin.
32: Howard Carter discovered which Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb in 1922? Tutankhamen.
33: What is a bream? A fish.
34: What is a French castle or large house called? Chateau.
35: What is the word for counting the population of a country?
36: What is the colour jade? Green.
37: What is the capital of Israel? Jerusalem “The City of Peace”
38: What is “horse sense”? Common sense.
39: Who built the Model T car? Henry Ford.

40: What do “too many cooks do”? They spoil the broth.
41: What were Zeppelins? German airships.
42: What are back breast and crawl? Swimming strokes.
43: What are behind your ribs? Your lungs.
44: Where are the Crown jewels? Tower of London.

45: Where is Fujiyama?  Japan.
46: How many kidneys does a human usually have? Two.
47: What is the main language spoken in Turkey? Turkish.
48: Which American President was assassinated in Dallas, Texas? John F. Kennedy.

49: Which country has a military force called “The Foreign Legion”? France.
50: What does the Greek prefix “Pyro” mean? Fire.
51: What was the name of the first atomic powered submarine launched in 1954? Nautilus.
52: What is left of the Cheshire Cat once he disappears?
His grin.
53: What causes a volcano to erupt? Magma.
54: Who wrote “The Ugly Duckling” ? Hans Christian Andersen.
55: In 1348 what epidemic ravaged Europe? The Black Death.
56: What is a group of rhinoceroses referred to? A crash.
57: In the Old Testament which sea parted so Moses could lead the Israelites to freedom? The Red Sea.
58: What is a group of turtles referred to? A bale.
59: What are the Magellanic clouds? The galaxies nearest to the Milky Way.
60:Circa 2000BC where were kites invented? China.