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1: Give another name for a hog? Pig
2: What did Johanes Guttenburg invent?  Printing - with moveable type.
3:Who wrote “The Fault in Our Stars,”? John Green
4: How many countries border Belgium? Four-Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg.
5: How often does a daily newspaper appear? Every  day.
6: Name the three farmers in Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox? Boggis, Bunce and Bean.
7: Who was the first person to reach the North Pole?  Robert Peary.
8: What colour are the corner squares of a scrabble board? Red.
9: What name is given to New York’s financial district?  Wall Street.
10: What is the meat of a deer called? Venison.
11: Which country was ruled by Peter the Great and Catherine the Great? Russia.
12: Who wrote The Hunger Games? Suzanne Collins.
13: What country’s flag is called The Star Spangled Banner? [50 Stars-13 Stripes]  America.[Red most common colour in all national flags.]
14: Penne, Rigatoni and Tagliatelle are all types of which food? Pasta
15: Who was the last British monarch to be divorced while still on the throne? Henry VIII
16: What is Braille? Raised dots that allow blind people to read
17: What is the highest capital in Europe? Madrid.   [Andorra is a Principality.]
18: In which city would you ride in a gondola? Venice, Italy.
19: What is the capital of Australia? Canberra.
10: What is a Great Dane? A large dog.
11: Which is the Red Planet? Mars.    [Roman God of War.-Curiosity name of exploratory Mars probe.]]
12: What does an entomologist study? Insects. –Hint Ants
13: Who wore a coat of many colours in the Bible? Joseph.
14: What was the first artificial satellite? The Russian Sputnik.
15: Which is colder, North Pole or South Pole? South Pole.
16: What does LOVE mean in tennis? Nil.
17: Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Fruit. It has seeds.
18: What is a young deer called? Fawn.
19: Where would you find a delta? At the mouth of a river.
20: Do seaweeds have roots? No. They cling to rocks.
21: Who invented the commercial light bulb? Thomas Edison.
22: Loggerhead and snapping are types of what? Turtles.
23:What are Common Blue, Peacock and Swallowtail examples of ?  Butterflies.
24: What do you call someone who directs an orchestra? A conductor.
25: Which painter cut off his own ear? Vincent Van Gogh.

26: How many senses do humans have? Five. [In the film “Sixth Sense” what could the boy see? Ghosts!]
27: What is the collective name for knives, forks  and spoons? Cutlery
28: Can you jump higher on the Moon or Earth? The Moon.
29: What is cheese made from? Milk
30: What is the name of the tube that carries blood to the heart?   The Vein.  [ Aorta carries blood Away]
31: How many chambers in your heart?4 32: Which famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is known for its smile? The Mona Lisa.
33: What are young goats called? Kids.
34: What is a Joey? A baby kangaroo.
35: Which chemical is also known as   quicksilver? Mercury
36: Early pens were made from birds feathers. What were they called? Quills.
37: Who founded the Boy Scout movement?  Robert Baden Powell.
38: What do you call a curved stick that Aborigines in Australia use for hunting? It also comes back when you throw it.  A boomerang.
39: Which precious stone is green? Emerald.
40: Which insect transmits the disease malaria? The mosquito.
41: What is the capital of Japan? Tokyo.
42: Which vegetable keeps away vampires? Garlic.
43: Does a whale breathe air? Yes.
44: What were Black Beard, Long John Silver and Captain Kidd? Pirates.
45: Who invented radio? Marconi.
46: Which prehistoric reptile died out 65 million years ago?   Dinosaurs.
47: Which is the largest of the apes? The Gorilla.
48: How many degrees in a right angle? 90
49: What was dropped on Hiroshima? The first atom bomb.  [Name of plane that dropped the bomb- Enola Gay-]
50: Which group of sea mammals have flippers, live in herds and bark? Seals.
51: Who was Moses brother? Aaron.
52: The beam, arch and suspension are three types of what? Bridge
53: The dove returned to Noah with what? An Olive branch.
54: Which country is New Mexico in? USA,
55: Which cereal crop grows under water? Rice,
56: What is the currency –money- used in Japan? The Yen 
57: Which city do Muslims face when they pray? Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
58: How does a dog cool itself down?   By panting.
59: What two colours do you mix to make green?   Blue and yellow.
60: What is theology? The study of religion.