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1:What does the Statue of Liberty in New York hold in her right hand? Torch / Flame. Left- A tablet inscribed with the date of the declaration of Independence. July 4th 1776

2: What type of ship carries people and cars across the Irish sea? A car ferry.

3: What is said to come before a fall? Pride.

4: Do geysers blow hot or cold water from the ground? Hot.

5: Red admiral, Tortoiseshells and Painted Ladies are types of what? Butterflies.

6: What is the longest race in the Olympics called? The marathon.42.195Km

7: Antarctica covers which of the earth’s poles? South.  [Arctic  -North.]

8: What is Batman’s butler called? Alfred.

9:  How many American Presidents are carved on Mount Rushmore? Four- Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Jefferson]

10: What do you call people who move from place to place looking for food? Nomads.

11: What animal roars at the start of a film produced by MGM?  A Lion.

12: Who lives at No. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  The American President.

13: What kind of craft rides on a cushion of air? Hovercraft.

14: What does a Geiger counter measure? Radiation

15: Which famous founder of Apple died in 2011? Steve Jobs.

16: Apples and oranges have pips. What do peaches and plums have at their centre? Stone.

17: What sport do you associate with touch downs and end zones? American football.

18: Name the island in San Francisco bay that used be a high security prison? Alcatraz.

19: Peter Parker, better known as Spiderman, works at the Daily Bugle. What is his job there? Photographer.

20: Which sport that can be played or grass or clay, do you associate the terms deuce and ace? Tennis.

21: Who was visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future?  Ebenezer Scrooge.  [A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens.]

22: Where would a cataract form? The eye. It causes blindness.

23:What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere? Nitrogen. [Oxygen is the second most abundant.]

24:Big Ben is in London. The name Big Ben does not refer to the tower or the clock, What actually is Big Ben?  The Bell

25: Beginning with A and ending with a, what is the loss of memory  known as ? Amnesia.

26: Samedi is French for what day of the week? Saturday.

27: What type of factory processes milk collected from farmers? Creamery or dairy.

28: What is the heaviest ball used in sport? Bowling ball.

29: A person of aristocratic or royal birth is said to have what colour blood? Blue.

30: What would you find in a vespiary? Wasps.

31: Which is the largest penguin? The Emperor Penguin.

32: What year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the phone? 1876.

33: Who painted the famous picture Guernica? Pablo Picasso.

34 : What number is between 15and 17 on the dartboard? 2

35: What is the lightest ball used in sport? Table tennis

36: What volcano erupted covering Pompeii? Vesuvius.

37:What do cobblers make or mend? Shoes.

38: Which is larger, Mars or Earth?  Earth.

39: What do you call a young bear? Cub.

40: Papyrus was an early form of what? Paper.

41: What day of the week is named after a large planet with rings? Saturday [Saturn]  Jupiter is the biggest.

42:In music, how many notes in an octave? 8

43: How many legs has a centipede? 100   [Some can have a few as 30]

44: What are the colours of the Olympic rings? Red-Green-Blue Yellow and Black. {Rotten Gangsters Blew Your Bomb]

45: What is a journey to a holy place called? Pilgrimage.

46: Sherwood Forest is home to Robin Hood and his gang. What is the name of his gang? The Merry Men.

47: Veal is the meat of which young animal? Calf.

48: The leaf of which tree is the symbol of Canada? Maple.

49: Who is Peter Pan’s enemy? Captain Hook.

50: A currach is a type of what? Boat.

51: In which city would you find a statue of The Little Mermaid? Copenhagen in Denmark.

52: Fallow, red and sika are breeds of what animals found in Ireland? Deer. [Venison – meat of deer.]

53: What animals name comes before a hole that a soldier takes shelter in? Fox hole.

54: What v is the name given to a wart that grows on the sole of your foot?  Veruca.

55: The beam, asymmetric bars, the floor and vault are associated with which sport? Gymnastics.

56: What five sided building is the American  army headquarters? The Pentagon.

57: What kind of animal was Flipper? Dolphin. [Skippy-Kangaroo]

58: What feature of a house may be single, double or triple glazed? Windows.

59:How many sides has a decagon? 10

60:Miss Trunchbull is headmistress in which Roald Dahl book? Matilda.