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1:What is the smallest state in the USA? Rhode Island.

2:A dog is said to age as much in one year as a human does in how many? Seven.

3:Kim Jong-un is the dictator of which country?  North Korea.

4:What is the smallest county in Great Britain?  The Isle of Wight.

5:Which American marathon was disrupted in 2013 by bombings? Boston

6: What does the letter E stand for in e-mail? Electronic.

7: What A word  is given to people who fish with a rod and line? Anglers.

8: What is the longest river in Italy which also is the name of one of the Telly Tubbies? The Po

9: Which city is hometown to The Beatles? Liverpool.

10:What is the chief food of most termites? Wood.

11: What do you call a person who goes to live in another country? An emigrant.

12:Pyongyang is the capital of which country? North Korea. Capital South Korea- Seoul

13:What is the largest lake in England, Scotland and Wales?  Loch Lomond.

14:Where in your body would you find enamel? Your teeth

15: How many legs does a tripod have? 3

16: What kind of show did Charles Cruft establish in the 19th century? Dog show.

17:The Goliath[30cm long] is the largest species of which creature?  The Frog.

18:In which European capital city are the Nobel Prizes awarded annually? Stockholm.

19:What name is given to the section of the army that is specifically  trained to fight on foot? The infantry.

20:From what work are the stories about Aladdin and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves taken from? Arabian Nights.

21:Which German city is associated with a round patty of minced beef served in a bun? Hamburg.

22:Name John Lennon’s Japanese widow. Yoko Ono.

23:To which animal family does the skunk belong?  The weasel family.

24:Which country is linked to Italy by the St. Bernard Tunnel? Switzerland.

25:What kind of animal was Pinocchio turned into? A donkey.

26:In all how many toes has a dog. 18. Four on each of the hind and five on each of the front.

27: Who is the patron saint of tax collectors? St. Matthew.

28: By what name is an Elk known in North America? Moose.

29: What bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold?  A flask

30: According to the nursery rhyme, who killed Cock Robin? The Sparrow – with his bow and arrow!

31: What word  starting with W could be used to describe  a person such as Edward Snowden, who revealed America’s spying activities? Whistleblower.

32: What would you find in a marshalling yard? Trains.

33: Name the child film star from the 1930’s who sang “On The Good Ship Lollipop” , starred in the film “Heidi”  and whose first name was Shirley? Shirley Temple. Died 2014

34:What are the seed bearing fruits of Pine, Cedar and Fir trees called? Cones

35: Can an ostrich fly? No.

36: Which birds are kept in lofts and used for racing? Pigeons.

37: Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a musical called “The Phantom of the …” Opera

38:Which common flower from the daisy family has a downy seed head blown by children to tell the time? Dandelion.

39:Which is the first book of the old Testament?  The Book of Genesis.

40: How many children are in Michelle and Barak Obama’s family? 2

41:Name the Lone Rangers Indian friend. Tonto.

42:Complete the saying “A stitch in time….” Saves nine.

43:Complete the saying: “Least said……..” Soonest mended.

44:As a baby he was found among the rushes and he lead his people from captivity in Egypt. Who was he? Moses.

45: Which is the most dangerous insect? Mosquito.

46: What creature appears on the flag of Wales? A dragon.

47:What is the name of the soft pulp in the interior of bones? Marrow.

48: Where might you find a tower called a keep?  In a castle.

49:What is a matador? A bull fighter.

50:In photography what do you call the black areas that appear white and the white areas that appear black?  The negative.

51: Where would you find an epitaph written?  On a gravestone.

52: In maths what does the word “mean” mean? It means average.

53: What is the largest island in the world? Greenland.

54: Where did Samson’s strength lie? In his hair.

55: On what river was the Salmon of Knowledge caught?  The River Boyne

56: In Irish folklore what bird is thought to be King of the Birds? The Wren.

57:How many sides has a snowflake? Six.

58: Which sea in the Middle East is so salty that nothing can live in it? The Dead Sea.

59: What kind of paper does a philatelist collect? Stamps.

60: In which continent are the Atlas Mountain?  Morocco in Africa.