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1: What sea has shorelines with Rumania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine? The Black Sea
2:.Name the only prime number that is even. Two
3: What is a group of  leopards called? A leap  [Rhinos- Crash]  [Giraffes-Tower] [Ferrets-A business] {Ravens –Unkindness]
4: What is a dried grape known as? Raisin or Sultana.
5: What is the capital of the Ukraine? Kiev
6: The Americans call it gasoline, what do we call it? Petrol
7:  Which Asian Indian word is used for night wear? Pyjamas.
8: In computer terms what is BIT  an abbreviation of?  Binary digit.  [0 or 1] Eight bits equals one byte.
9: What word literally means “Ice Mountain”? Iceberg.
10: Who is Smaug? The Dragon in the Hobbit.
11: Who is credited with inventing the internet 25 years ago in 1989?   Sir Tim Berners-Lee
12: Who composed Eine Kleine Nachtmusik? [A little night music] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
13: Water around a castle is known as a moat. What kind of bridge would get you across a moat? A drawbridge,
14: J.K Rowling. What does JK stand for? Joanne Kathleen.
15: “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” is song from which musical?   The Wizard of Oz.
16: In what war was the battle of the Somme fought in?  World War1 [ The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Sarajevo was the given cause for the start of WWI ]
17: Who was the first woman prime minister of England?   Margret Thatcher. Died 2013.
18: Who wrote The Hunger Games? Suzanne Collins. Why did Katniss Everdeen volunteer for the Hunger Games?  To save her sister.  District 12 is her district. The  Mocking Jay bird is her symbol.
19:  In which country would you find the Crimean Peninsula?  The Ukraine
20: Name the third country to land a craft on the moon? China.   USA and Russia are the others.
21: Name the exploratory craft on Mars [2013]? Curiosity.
22: Who is the current leader of Labour and Tainiste? Joan Burton. [Enda Kenny Tanoiseach and Leader of Fianna Gael. Michael Noonan Finance Jan O’Sullivan Education  Frances Fitzgerald   Justice]
23: Who was the first pope to resign in 600 years? Pope Benedict XVI.    Pope Francis is from Argentina.   [Jorge Mario Bergoglio.]
24: What kind of liquid would you use to change the colour of something? Dye.
25: What does 3G stand for in mobile phone terms? Third Generation.
26: One thousand years ago the in 1014,on  Good Friday, the Vikings were defeated at what  battle? Clontarf.
27: What world record number of international caps has BOD achieved?  141 caps.
28: What does YBIG refer to?   You Boys In Green. An Irish soccer fan club.
29: From which direction does the sun rise in the morning? The East. The sun sets or goes down in the west.
30: The P.T.O at the back of a tractor drives farm machines that are attached to the tractor. What does PTO stand for? Power Take Off.
31: Name the famous German composer who wrote some of his greatest music when he was stone deaf? Beethoven
32: Which lion has a shaggy mane.   Male or Female? Male.
33:  Which animal makes a curious laughing sound? Hyena
34: What do you call a young goat? Kid.
35: Which North American capital city is built on the Potomac river? Washington
36: In American currency, how much is a dime worth? Ten cents.[D for decimal which are tens. A quarter is 25 cents.Nickel Five cents.]
37: The explosive nitro-glycerine is safer in a solid stick form. What is the name of this safer version? Dynamite.
38:  What kind of object is an orchid? A  flower.
39: Who acts the part of Mr. Bean? Rowan Atkinson.
40: Who is the President of Russia? Vladimir  Putin.
41: What do we call the first Sunday after the first full moon after the 21st March? Easter Sunday.
42: Into what sea does the River Rhone flow?   The Mediterranean.
43: Name the opera written by Rossini about a Swiss national hero. He  shot an arrow through an apple that was on his son’s head. William Tell.
45: What kind of pet would you have if the breed was Siamese or Persian? A cat.
46: Who was killed on the Ides of March, 44BC ? Julius Caesar.
47: What work by Handel had it’s first performance in Dublin in 1742?  The Messiah

48: Where would you find the ozone layer? It is part of the atmosphere and protects us from harmful rays from the sun,
49: What is pop singer Paul Hewson’s nickname? Bono
50: Who wrote the plays Hamlet and Macbeth? Shakespeare.
51: What kind of books did “Mrs. Beeton” write? Cookery books.
52: Who invented denim jeans? Levi Strauss.
53: Name the British war hero who flew with the RAF, even though he lost both his legs? Douglas Bader
54: What is the brand name used by Exxon Mobil petroleum in Europe? Esso.
55: What kind of rain is damaging the forests of Europe and North America? Acid rain.
56: Which European country has land reclaimed from the sea known as POLDERS? The Netherlands [Holland]
57:  Who was killed at Béal ns mBlath in 1922 in Cork?   Michael Collins.
58: What is the great bell in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster called? Big Ben.
59: The Rock of Gibraltar is adjacent to which European country? Spain.
60: Which square, dedicated to Nelson, is in the geographic centre of London? Trafalgar square.