Junior Entrepreneur Programme

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Ms. O' Sullivan's,  6th Class pupils (school year 2014/15) are taking part in The Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP

“The Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) is an entrepreneurial awareness and skills enhancement programme for Primary School children. The programme aims to help children recognise enterprise and entrepreneurship and to foster an awareness and understanding of the entrepreneur’s role in the community, therefore empowering the child to start to think and act with the initiative, creativity and independence that are invaluable in the modern world. The programme is embedded in the principles of the Primary School Curriculum and utilises an integrated teaching and project-based approach to teach many strands of the Primary Curriculum.”   (

A few weeks ago the JEP was launched with all pupils in Ms. O' Sullivan's taking part.  Firstly, they discussed what an entrepreneur was, and listed what characteristics and skills would be necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. The pupils then broke into 5 groups and listed and discussed ideas for a class project.  Each group presented their  project to the 'Dragons' who put them through their paces and after some deliberation chose the project which they felt had the most potential for the whole class to get involved in.

The winning project:-  A Calendar featuring photographs of Old Tralee.  The calendar will also feature important dates, events, etc. (more information later) The pupils will have a busy few weeks ahead

The programme will have a significant personal development impact on the children of 6th class including building their confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem, and an appreciation of each of their individual skills and talents. This innovative programme will open the minds of the pupils to the joy of entrepreneurship at a time when they are full of imagination and open to new possibilities. The programme will help our pupils to develop a number of skills including literacy, writing, presentation, drawing, technology, research skills, numeracy, financial, consumer awareness, storytelling, listening skills, creative thinking, problem solving, team building and collaboration skills.






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