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1:What Irish Composer wrote the music for the film “Mise Eire”[I am of Ireland] Sean O Riada.
2: What do you call the mass murder of the Jewish people in Europe?. The Holocaust?

3:How many holes has a full sized golf course? 18
4: What is the main ingredient in sauerkraut? Cabbage.
5: Which age came after the stone age? Bronze Age,
6:Where is the volcano Mount Etna?.Sicily in Italy.
7: Which creature squirts out an inky fluid to escape from its enemies? Octopus.
8: Which years did the first world war start and end?  1914- 1918.   Finished on  11th hour-11th day-11th month 1918
9: Which sport is associated with Silverstone and Brands Hatch? Motor racing.
10: How often in 24 hours does the tide rise and fall. Twice.
11: What do cows drink? Water!
12: Clara Bog, the largest intact  raised bog covering 665 hectares is in which county? Offaly.
13: How many Harry Potter books were written by JK Rowling? 7 Seven [Please note there are EIGHT Harry Potter films.]
14: The Llama is native to which continent? South America
15: The fourth largest island in the world is off the east coast of Africa. Name it. Madagascar.
16: What garment, worn mainly by Hindu women, is made by a wrapping cloth? Sari.
17: Which battle was fought near Dublin city on Good Friday 23rd April 1014? Battle of Clontarf.
18: Which  dwarf could spin straw into gold? Rumpelstiltskin.
19: Which country’s national symbol is a thistle? Scotland.
20: What is a Jewish place of worship called? Synagogue.
21: What colour are cornflowers? Blue.
22: What is the singular of dice? Die.
23:  What explorer was born in Annascaul, Co. Kerry in 1877. He accompanied both Scott and Shackelton on Antarctic [South Pole] expeditions?
Tom Crean
24: How many legs has a quadruped?  4
25:How many zeros in a million? 6
26: In what sport do you butterfly or crawl? Swimming.
27: What is the name for a slow moving block of ice on land? Glacier.
28: Which precious stones are found in oysters? Pearls.
29: What country’s flag is a red circle on a white background?  Japan- Land of the Rising sun.
30: Which Polish woman scientist won two Nobel Prizes?    Marie Curie. 1903-1911
31: Off which county’s coast are the Blasket Islands. Co. Kerry
32:What Dublin street was once called Sackville St?  O’Connell Street.
33: What type of insect is a Red Admiral? Butterfly
34: Name the third country to land a craft on the moon? China.   USA and Russia are the others.
35: Name the exploratory craft on Mars [2013]? Curiosity.
36: The cricket competition between Australia and England is known as what? The Ashes.
37: How many digits on a Visa card? 16
38: What is the basket under a hot air balloon known as? A Gondola.  

39: What is the dirty water on the bottom of a boat known as? Bilge water.

40: Who wrote Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Jeff Kinney .41: Which singer is known as “The Boss?” Bruce Springstein.
42: What canal is located behind Croke Park’s canal end? The Royal Canal.
43: How did Vincent Van Gogh sign his paintings? Vincent.
44: What did Sir Christopher Cockrell invent? The Hovercraft.
45: What was the first phrase recorded by Thomas Edison on his phonograph? “Mary had a little lamb.”
46: Name the four main blood groups?    A   B   AB  O.
47: Who wrote “Holes” and “Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes” ?   Louis Sachar.
48: What are the short pleated skirts associated with Scotland called? Kilts.
49: What does a frogman wear on his feet? Flippers.
50: What part of the body is treated by an optician? The eyes.
51:If someone is ascending are they going up or down? Up.
52: By what title is the Bishop of Rome also known as?   The Pope.
53: Who is Beyoncé’s husband? Jay-Z
54: In computer language what does KISS mean?   Keep It Simple Stupid.
55: What does TGIF stand for? Thank God It’s Friday.
56: What is the Italian word for pie? Pizza.
57: What title is given to the wife of the American President? First Lady.
58: What is the sweet liquid collected from flowers by bees? Nectar.
59: Long Eared, Snowy and Barn are all types of what nocturnal creature? Owl.
60: What breed of dog are Bull, Airedale and Yorkshire ? Terrier