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1:True or false. Giraffes and humans have the same number of neck bones? True. Both have seven.
2: What is the largest member of the cat family?  Tiger.[Native to Asia only]
3: How many legs does a starfish have? Five,
4: Do reptiles have warm or cold blood? Cold.
5: What is the national flower of Wales? Daffodil.
6: Which flower that grew beside the trenches in World War 1 is worn on Remembrance Day 11th November each year? Poppy.
7:An MEP is a member of which parliament? European.
8: The Sioux are a famous tribe of Native Americans.   Spell SIOUX.  
9: How many teeth does an Aardvark  have? None.
10: What is the name given to the home of a wolf? Lair.
11: Anaconda and Cobra are both species of what? Snake.
12: Which amphibian hosts the Muppet Show? Kermit the frog.
13: The star sign Gemini is represented by a pair of what? Twins.
14: What do you call the tall decorated wooden pillars carved by Native Americans? Totem Poles.
15:What is the Russian equivalent to the American astronaut? Cosmonaut.
16: What type of weapon is a cutlass? A short curved sword.
17: Nag is the slang term for what animal? Horse.
18: Geronimo was the leader of which Native American tribe? The Apaches.
19: Which musical instrument has 47 strings and seven pedals? Harp.
20: What is the national flower of Holland? Tulip.
21: Which of the Teletubbies rides a scooter? Po.
22: What kind of animal is Disney’s Dumbo? Elephant.
23: In which sport would a caddie assist you by carrying your equipment? Golf
24: “Watson. Come here I want you?” were the first ever words spoken on what? The telephone.
25: According to the Bible, which sea did Moses part the waves of? The Red Sea.
26: Which British Queen died in 1901? Queen Victoria.
27: In mythology, whose face launched a thousand ships?  Helen of Troy

28: Who is said to have brought the potato to Ireland?  Sir Walter Raleigh.
29: Was “The Battle of Britain” in  1940, fought on land, air or sea? In the air.

30: Which country opened the first underground railway in 1904? United States of America.
31: What is found t the end of Noddy’s hat? A bell.
32: The leaves of the eucalyptus are the staple diet of which Australian marsupial?   Koala bear.
33: What type of creature is Baloo in the Jungle Book? A Bear.  [Bagheera – Black Panther   Shere Khan –Tiger.]
34: How many people have walked on the moon? 12
35: On which continent would you find the literary character “Tarzan of the Apes?” Africa.
36: Charlie Caroli. Coco and Grock are all the names of famous what? Clowns.
37: What four lettered word is the name given to a ballet dancer’s skirt? Tutu.
38: Which rodent do you associate with a computer? Mouse.
39: How many stomachs does a bird have? Two.
40: Aslan, Clarence, Simba and Scar are all famous fictional what? Lions.
41:How many separate bones appear on The Jolly Roger? Three.
42: Which gas has the chemical symbol O? Oxygen.
43: Sheet and fork are both types of what weather phenomena? Lightning.
44: Which part of  the body contains the retina, cornea and pupil? The eye.
45: What metal with the Hg symbol is used in thermometers? Mercury.
46: The pen is the female, the cob is the male and the cygnet is the young. What is the animal? Swan.
47: In the Bible what is referred to as the staff of life? Bread.
48: Ping Pong is another name for which popular sport? Table Tennis.
49: In which garden did God put Adam and Eve?  The Garden of  Eden.
50: What do you call the tail of a fox? Brush.
51: The sun rises at dawn. When does it set? At dusk.
52: Is the cross on the Swiss flag red, white or blue? White.
53: What is the famous bridge in San Francisco called?   The Golden Gate Bridge.
54: Is California on the west or East coast of America? West.
55: In which country do you eat paella, drink sangria and hear flamenco music in Granada? Spain.
56: Pilgrims climb “The Reek” on Garland Sunday  [ The last Sunday in July.] What is the mountain called?  Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo
57: What part of Peter Pan was kept in a drawer? His shadow.
58: What is your scapula? Your shoulder blade.
59: From what animal do you get mutton? Sheep.
60: In a pack of playing cards, how many clubs are there? Thirteen.