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1:Where would you find the “Ocean of Storms”? On the Moon.
2:What is the largest lake in the world? The Caspian Sea.
3:What is the art of clipping hedges into various shapes called? Topiary.
4:What is the Decalogue usually called in the bible?  The Ten Commandments.
5:What does a Geiger counter measure? Radioactivity.
6:In which novel does the parrot called Captain Flint appear? Treasure Island.
7:What does the term AWOL mean to a soldier?  Absent without official leave.
8:In WWII what was the Manhattan Project?  The development of the atom bomb.
9:What was Beethoven’s first name? Ludwig
10:Which country is known as the land of the Midnight Sun? Norway.
11:What is a John Dory? A fish.
12:Which is the least used letter in the English language? Q
13:Only one American state begins with the letter L. name it.   Louisiana.
14:What is measured by the truss? Hay or straw.

15:Which American gangster was known as Scarface?  Al Capone.
16: Which North African city has the meaning “white house” in Spanish? Casablanca.
17: If you were self-employed, who would your  boss be? Yourself.
18:What is the first name of Queen Elizabeth’s husband? Philip.
19:What is pyrophobia? Fear of fire.
20:What is non rhyming poetry called? Blank verse.
21:In what town was the G.A.A. founded? Thurles.
22:What Clare man invented the submarine? Thomas Holland.
23: Where would you be going if you needed an aqualung? Underwater.
24:In what county is Ireland’s most easterly point? Co. Down.  [Westerly- Dunmore  Head, Kerry.]
25: How many sets of wings does a biplane have? Two
26:What city is home to the Bolshoi Ballet? Mocow.
27:What colour is the flesh of a coconut? White
28:The writer Peig sayers is associated with what island?   The Great Blasket.
29:What county’s football team is nicknamed “The Lilywhites.”? Kildare.
30:What Irish scientist was known as “The Father of Chemistry”? Robert Boyle
31:In what county was Michael Collins born? Cork.
32:What city had originally a settlement of fourteen tribes? Galway. “The City of the Tribes.”
33:What is the maximum number of characters-letters- that you can use in a single Twitter message? 140
34:Where is Oscar Wilde buried? Paris
35:What is the second longest river in Ireland? The Barrow.
36:In what county are the Japanese Gardens? Kildare.
37:How many years old is the Book of Kells? 1,200 years approx.
38: What is the highest peak in the Wicklow Mountains? Lugnaquilla [Highest mountain in Leinster .]
39: What kind of instrument is used to examine cells or bacteria? Microscope.
40:Where is the George Best airport? Belfast.
41:Where is the giants causeway located? Co. Antrim .

42:The Giants causeway is formed from what type of rock? Basalt.
43:If you were involved on espionage what would you be doing? Spying.
44: What is pop singer Paul Hewson’s nickname? Bono
45:In what city is King John’s Castle? Limerick.
46:What is the most westerly county of Ireland? Kerry.
47:What Saint founded Clonmacnoise? St. Ciaran. [Kieran]
48:Glenveagh national park is in which county? Co. Donegal.
49:Who wrote the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” as well as “The Happy Prince” and “The Selfish Giant”? Oscar Wilde.
50:In which country would you find the Appalachian Mountains? USA.
51:Which is the largest joint in the body? The knee joint.

52: Colonel Tom Parker was manager for which famous singer?   Elvis Presley.
53:Where would you normally find a gavel?  In an auction room.
54: Complete the famous saying by French Mathematician Rene Descartes. “I think, therefore _____ ____” I am.
55:The centaur is a mythological creature.  It is half man and half what? Horse
56:Which is the very first birth the Bible records? Cain.
57:In the Book of Genesis how many days did Creation take? Six.
58:What is the fundamental oath usually associated with doctors? The Hippocratic oath.
59:What material are blue jeans made from? Denim.
60:Fidel Castro became the leader of which Caribbean island? Cuba.