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1:What is the federal capital of Canada? Ottawa.

2:In which country is the town Alice Springs? Australia.

3: In Irish Folklore who had a dog called Bran? Finn MacCumhaill.

4:Which state in America is known as “The Lone Star State”? Texas.

5:Which Irish county was formerly known as “Queen’s County”? Laois [“King County”? Offaly.]

6:What was the name of the ship on which there was a famous munity against Captain Bligh? The Bounty.

7:How many tentacles has a squid? Ten appendages- two tentacles and 8 arms..

8:What is the name of the sea that seperates Alaska from Siberia? The Bering sea.

9:What is the only monkey native to Europe?   The Barbary Ape found in Gibraltar.

10:In which country did the Boxer rebellion take place? China.

11:What is a female fox called? Vixen.

12:In which European Island did the mafia originate? Sicily.

13:Name the American who made the first trans Atlantic solo flight in 1927?Charles Lindberg.

14:Who was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic in an aero plane ? Amelia Earhart.

15:Name the founder of the Red Cross? J.H. Dunant.

16:The Irish name for this Canadian state is Talamh an Éisc.[Land of Fish] It’s capital is St. John. What state is it? Newfoundland.

17:A decibel is a measure of what? Sound.

18:Which Irish county is known as the Premier county? Tipperary.

19:What is the collective term for a group of whales or dolphins? A school.

20:The British Prime Minister lives at No. 10 Downing Street. Who lives at No. 11 Downing street? The Chancellor of the Exchequer. [We call it Minister for Finance.]

21:What is the national symbol of Scotland? A thistle.

22:With which country would you associate Swatch watches? Switzerland.

23:What was Cúchulains original name? Setanta.

24:What is the main part of the bodywork of an aeroplane called? The fuselage.

25:In which American city is the United Nations building? New York.[Light Blue is the colour associated with the UN.]

26:In which country is the Firth of Forth? Scotland.

27:Who wrote the line “I will arise now and go now, and go to Inisfree”? W.B. Yeats.

28:In what sea creature are pearls formed? Oysters.

29:What name is given to sections of a chain? Links.

30:What is the correct name for an engine of a train? Locomotive.

31:In which city is Pairc Chaoimh? Cork.

32:What colour is the Hwong Ho river? Yellow.

33:What name is given to the areas at the side of a stage?  The wings.

34:How often are the Olympic games held? Every four years.

35:How many points on a compass? Thirty two.

36: Who is the artist famous for his stenciled graffiti street  art? Banksy.

37:How many faults does a horse incur for knocking down a fence in show jumping? Four.

38:How much flesh did Shylock, the Merchant of Venice demand if his loan was not paid back?  One pound.

39:How many members in a tug’o war team? Eight.

40:What Emperor hung the Mona Lisa in his bathroom?   Napoleon Bonaparte.

41:How many stripes denote a sergeant? Three.

42:What two odd numbers when multiplied give you seven? Seven and one.

43:How many feet has a Laughing Jackass? Two. It is a bird.

44:What is the correct name for a female cat?  A queen. Male is  a Tom cat.

45:What is the name for the centre of a hurricane? The eye.

46:In J.M. Barrie’s Peter pan, where did Peter take the darling children? Never-never land.

47:What colour is a flamingo? Pink.

48:What canal connects the Atlantic to the Pacific? Panama.

49: Is New Zealand, south-east or south-west of Australia?  South East.

50:Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth. Of where is Olympus Mans the highest peak? Mars

51: How many wheels on a rickshaw? Two

52: Who is Marshall Bruce Mathers III better known as? Eminem

53: Name the legendary brothers who were reared by a wolf and founded Rome? Romulus and Remus.

54:Banna strand is in which county? Kerry

55: Which elephant has the larger ears, African or Indian? African

56: In what country was the War of the Roses? England.

57: What is the name of the tunnel that goes under the river Lee in Cork? Jack Lynch.

58: What is the only planet not named after a Greek or Roman God? Earth.

59: What animal did Noah allegedly leave behind from the ark? The Unicorn

60: What two colours would an artist mix to get green?  Yellow and blue.