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1: What was the name of the chest that contained The Ten Commandments? The Ark of the Covenant.

2: What does a toxicologist study? Poisons.

3: What is Denis the Menace dog’s name? Gnasher.

4: What kind of meat is traditionally eaten at Easter? Lamb.

5: What do the stars on the American flag represent?  The 50  states.   [13 Stripes= the original 13 colonies.]

6: Who co won the Nobel Peace prize for 2014 and was also the youngest winner? Malala Yousafzai

7: A trimester, is a period of how many months? Three.

8: What is the first event in a decathlon? The 100 metres.

9: What was the name of Dorothy’s dog in The Wizard of Oz? Toto

10: The Bayeux tapestry depicts which battle?   The Battle of Hastings 1066.

11: What does a draper traditionally sell? Cloth.

12: Which cartoon family lives at 39 Stone Canyon Way, Bedrock? The Flinstones. Yabba Yabba Dooo!

13: What does a cobbler  make and mend? Shoes.

14: Colombo is the capital of which country? Sri Lanka.

15: Cosmology is the study of what? The stars,

16: The art of clipping hedges into shapes is known as what? Topiary.

17: What was a boy training to be a knight called? A squire,

18: What is the national sport of Japan? Sumo Wrestling.

19: In South Africa, what are the South Western Townships better known as? Soweto.

20:Artic King, Cos and Tom Thumb are what vegetables? Lettuce

21: What sign of the zodiac is represented by a Lion? Leo.

22:In opera, what word is used to describe a song for a single voice? An Aria.

23: The Boer war was fought in which country? South Africa.

24: Richard Harris and Michael Gambon played which character in the Harry Potter films? Dumbeldore.

25:  “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.”  Whose law is this? Murphy’s Law.

26: Valetta is the capital of which country? Malta

27: Which Doctor could talk to the animals? Dr. Dolittle.

28: Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic are types of what? Rock.

29:Saeukraut is made by pickling what type of vegetable? Cabbage.

30: In what year did the Berlin wall fall? 1989.

31: Where is the Lord of the Rings trilogy set? Middle Earth.

32: Pathology is the study of what? Diseases.

33: The Knesset is the parliament of which country? Israel.

34: Which actor plays Harry in the Harry Potter films?   Daniel Radcliffe.

35: Name the first high jumper to go over the bar backwards, winning the 1968 Olympics. Dick Fosbury [The Fosbury flop.]

36: According to the proverb, all roads lead to which city? Rome,

37: In what year did the French Revolution take place? 1789. Marie Antoinette, wife of the king, Louis XVI, supposedly said to the poor people, who had no bread and were starving,  “Let them eat cake!” Madame Tussaud made her death mask.

38: What do the initials POV stand for on a film shoot?   Point of View.

39:Which Irish philanthropist opened his first children’s home in 1870? Dr. Thomas Barnardo.

40: Who wrote the opera Madame Butterfly? Puccini.

41: What is the currency of Iceland? Icelandic Krona.

42: The “Aurora Borealis” is more commonly known by what term? “The Northern Lights.”

43: What is the highest value of European bank notes in circulation? €500.  Dollars $100

44: Where does Thursday come before Wednesday?  In a dictionary.
45: What is the capital of Latvia? Riga.
46: What is the only vowel to be found in the middle row of a computer keyboard? A
47: Which hunter was placed amidst the stars by Zeus? Orion
48: How many stars in Orion’s belt? Three.
49: Name the American National Anthem? The Star Spangled Banner.
50: What is the capital of Afghanistan? Kabul.
51: How many spikes in the crown of the Statue of Liberty? Seven.
52: What is the national currency of Egypt? The Egyptian Pound.
53:What is the only state in America that starts with the letter P? Pennsylvania.
54: In which country is Mount Everest? Nepal.[ Himalayas]
55: What is the Greek God of music ? Apollo.
56: What type of food is Pumpernickel? Bread.
57:  Where would you find an  estuary? At the mouth of a river.
58: Is the Red Hand of Ulster a right hand or left hand?  Right hand.
59: How many people sit on a jury? Twelve.
60: What is traditional name for a person who makes wooden barrels? Cooper.