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1.     Complete the name of the Wimpy Kid book – ‘The ______ Haul’.        

Answer:                    Long

2.     What N do bees collect to make honey?        

Answer:                    Nectar

3.     Who released an album last year called ‘X’ (multiply)?     

Answer:                    Ed Sheeran

4.     What type of animal accompanied Postman Pat on his deliveries?       

Answer:                    A cat

5.     Which museum in Paris is home to the Mona Lisa?

Answer:                    Louvre

6.     What’s the smallest county in Ireland?           

Answer:                    Louth                                                                                    



1.     Which movie was a massive hit last year, with the song ‘Let It Go’ being the most well known?

Answer:                    Frozen

2.     What number is opposite 12 on a regular clock face?       

Answer:                    6

3.     Who is the current President of the Irish League of Credit Unions?       

Answer:                    Mr. Martin Sisk          

4.     What is the capital of Hungary?           

Answer:                    Budapest

5.     To what mountain range does Everest belong?       

Answer:                    Himalayas

6.     Name the odd one out - ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’, ‘Death Bringer’, ‘The Deathly Hallows’.                        

Answer:    ‘Death Bringer’ is the odd one out as it is a Skullduggery Pleasant book written by Derek Landy. The others are Harry Potter books.



1.     In what county would you find Castlebar? Mayo or Waterford?           

Answer:                    Mayo

2.     Who wrote the children’s book ‘Awful Auntie’?     

Answer:                    David Walliams

3.     Unscramble the word to find one of the longest rivers in Europe:    INRHE

Answer:                    RHINE

4.     Beginning with U, what word means a small guitar that originated in Hawaii?

Answer:                    Ukulele

5.     What board game are you playing if you see an iron, a dog, a boat and a car as pieces and can buy and sell property?

Answer:                    Monopoly

6.     Which Irish rugby player has announced that he is leaving Racing Metro in France to return to Leinster for the 2015/2016 season?

Answer:                    Jonathan    (Johnny) Sexton


1.     What is the name of the Panda in the Kung Fu Panda movies?

Answer:                    Po

2.     What tropic is found SOUTH of the equator? Capricorn or Cancer?     

Answer:                    Capricorn

3.     The album ‘Songs of Innocence’ was released on iTunes in 2014 by what Irish band?

Answer:                    U2

4.     “Carnival of the ________________” is the name of a musical suite of 14 movements composed by French composer Camille Saint-Saens. Complete its title.          

            Answer:        Animals

5.     What does the A stand for in DNA?

Answer:                    Acid

6.     What S is described as a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara?

Answer:                    Sirocco


1.     The rivers The Suir, the Nore and The Barrow are commonly known as the 3 what?

Answer:                    Sisters

2.     Which boy band became a threesome last year following the departure of Jason Orange?

Answer:                    Take That

3.     What strong metal is made by mixing a large amount of copper with a small amount of tin?   

Answer:        Bronze

4.     Roy Keane resigned as assistant manager from what Premier League club before Christmas 2014?   

Answer:                    Aston Villa

5.     Name the sport where players slide stones along the ice in order to hit a target. Sometimes sweepers use brushes to change the direction of the stone on the ice.

Answer:                    Curling

6.     Paula leaves home at 7:30 am and arrives at school at 8:10 am. How long does it take her to get there?       

Answer:          40 minutes


1.     In time what is 7.15  in the evening on the 24 hour clock?

Answer:                    19:15

2.     Which piece of furniture was the gateway to Narnia?       

Answer:                    Wardrobe


3.     There are 57,000 Credit Unions worldwide, in how many countries can you find them?     (a)  53      (b)  73             (c)  103 

Answer:   (c) 103 countries

4.     What sea in the Middle East is so salty that nothing can live in it?          

Answer:                    The Dead Sea

5.     McLaren and Ferrari are teams that compete in which sport?    

Answer:                    Formula One motor racing (accept motor racing)

6.     Name either of the 2 scrabble tiles that have a value of 10? 

           Answer:        Q or Z


1.     Which province has only 5 counties?  

Answer:                    Connaught

2.     Which band sang ‘Penny Lane’, ‘Let it Be’, ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Hey Jude’?          

Answer:                    The Beatles

3.     Finish the name of the ancient site of the Incas, outside of Cusco in Peru - Machu _______?

Answer:                    Picchu

4.     What card game shares its name with a part of a song or a way to get over water?

Answer:                    Bridge

5.     Captain William Bligh was cast adrift by a mutinous crew in 1789. What was the name of the ship on which the mutiny took place?

Answer:                    Bounty

6.     Hinge, saddle and gliding are all types of a part of your body which begins with J.   What are they?

Answer:                    Joints


1.     Which sign of the zodiac comes between Capricorn and Pisces?

Answer:                    Aquarius

2.     If you broke your arm you would go to the casualty department of a hospital, also known as A and E. What does the A stand for?   

Answer:                    Accident (and Emergency)

3.     Which famous landmark in the USA is composed of 4 presidents’ heads carved into rock in a park?

Answer:                    Mount Rushmore

4.     What is the capital of Egypt?     

Answer         Cairo

5.     The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are in which city?      

Answer:                    Rio (De Janeiro)

6.      Kenny Daglish returned to manage what Premier League Club in 2011 He also played for them for during his career and is now a director.

            Answer:                    Liverpool F.C.


1.     Who released the songs ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Shake it Off’ in 2014?        

Answer:                    Taylor Swift

2.     What F is a wildlife park in Co. Cork?  

Answer:                    Fota (island)


3.     Corriedale, Blackface Mountain and Lowland are all breeds of what animal commonly found in Ireland?   

Answer:                    Sheep

4.     On what part of your body would you wear a fez?

Answer:                    Head



5.     What name is given to the prehistoric Neolithic site, which includes a set of standing stones in England? It is estimated to have been build around 2000/3000 B.C. The answer begins with S.                      

Answer:                    Stonehenge

6.     Who voices Fantastic Mr. Fox in the 2009 movie version of the book? He was famously married in Italy in 2014.

Answer:                    George Clooney.


1.     Which writer brought us The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling?   

Answer:                    Hans Christian Anderson

2.     In texting, what does the F stand for in ROTFL?       

Answer:                    Floor                 -        (Roll(ing) on thefloor laughing.)

3.     What is 4³?   (cubed or to the power of 3)

Answer:                    64 (4x4x4)

4.     Which town on the Offaly/Tipperary border is the ‘ancestral home’ of American President Barack Obama?     

Answer:                    Moneygall

5.     What is the capital of Romania?

            Answer:                    Bucharest

6.     What country would you mainly associate with the internet domain  .au?

Answer:                    Australia


1.     How many legs has a quadruped?

Answer:                    4

2.                 What colour is associated with the wood ebony?   

Answer:                    Black

3.     What soccer team play their home games at St. James’ Park?    

Answer:                    Newcastle

4.     Who was Britain’s first female Prime Minister?       

Answer:                    Margaret Thatcher

5.      What actor plays Peeta Mellark in the Hunger Games series?    

Answer:                    Josh Hutcherson

6.     Beginning with N, what is the capital of Kenya?      

Answer:                    Nairobi


1.     By how many points did the Irish rugby team beat Australia by in November 2014?          

Answer:                    3 (26-23)

2.     In which Saga would you find     Charlie Swan,    Marcus and Caius?

Answer:                    Twilight

3.     What number is between 17 and 15 on a dartboard?       

Answer:                    2

4.     ‘Stay with Me’ and ‘Not The Only One’ are songs by whom?

Answer:                    Sam Smith

5.  Who writes the comic strip Garfield?  

Answer:                    Jim Davis

6.     How many eggs in a gross?

Answer:                144     (12 dozen)              


1.     Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March are sisters found in which book by Louisa May Alcott?

Answer:                   Little Women

2.     On crossing which river did Julius Caesar say ‘ the die is cast’?

           Answer:                    Rubicon

3.     Montague and Capulet are the two noble families at war in which Shakespeare play?

Answer:                   Romeo and Juliet

4.     Which Broadway star sings ‘Let it Go’ in the film ‘Frozen’? Her surname begins with M.  

Answer:                   Idina Menzel

5.     In what year did Pablo Picasso die?    

Answer:                   1973 (nearest wins)

6.     Cynophobia is the fear of what animal?

Answer:                   Dogs


1.     What F does a palaeontologist study?

Answer:                    Fossils

2.     Cascade, Horsetail and Plunge are types of which geographical feature?

Answer:                    Waterfall

3.     What type codes are used as postal codes in the US? Answer has three letters.        

Answer:                    ZIP

4.     2 metals can be found at the Earth’s core. One is iron, what is the other? Answer has 6 letters.

Answer:                    Nickel

5.     What do you call the book you would consult if you were searching for synonyms?

Answer:                    Thesaurus

6.     Jules Verne went around the world in eighty days. Complete the name of his other well-known work: ‘Journey to the Centre of the ____________’

Answer:                    Earth