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1:What does the I stand for in I.Q. test? Intelligence Quotient.
2: How many months of the year have only 30 days? 4
3: Which cartoon character lives in a pineapple in Bikini Bottom? Sponge Bob Square Pants.
4: What is Mrs. Brown’s Christian- First- name? Agnes.
5:  Who was the first Pope to resign in 600 years? Benedict XVI
6: How many strings on a bass guitar? Four.
7: What is Justin Bieber’s nationality? Canada.
8: Who presented the Rose of Tralee in 2014? Daithí O .
9: What does BT stand for in BT Young Scientist.  British Telecom.
10::What sea creature possesses three hearts and eight tentacles? Octopus
11: Name the capital of Iran? Tehran [Sounds like Iran.  Bagdad Capital of Iraq]
12: Which language was used and spoken by the ancient Romans? Latin.
13:In which ocean would you find New Zealand? The Pacific
14: What is 2015 in Roman numerals? MMXV [Let Caesar Drink Milk.L=50 C= 100 D=500 M=1,000]
15: Fireworks were invented in which country? China.
16: Mount McKinley, the highest point in North America, is in which state? Alaska.
17: According to the proverb “Two wrongs don’t make a ….” Right.
18: Greenback is slang for which currency? The dollar.
19: What is the currency of India? Rupee.
20: In tennis, what word is used when the score is 40 all? Deuce
21: The island of Madagascar lies in which ocean? The Indian Ocean.
22: What colour helmets are worn by United Nation soldiers on  peace  keeping assignments? Light blue.
23: The Bernabeu Stadium is the home ground for which soccer club ? Real Madrid.
24: Which is the only state in America that starts with the letter R? Rhode Island.
25: At which stadium do Scotland’s rugby union team play their home matches? Murrayfield.
26: What are native Australians called? Aborigines. .
27: Milhous was the middle name for which American president? Richard Nixon
28: A sarcophagus is a type of what? Coffin.[Painted]
29: Which Polish astronomer suggested that the Sun and not the Earth was the centre of the Universe? Nicolaus Copernicus.
30: Which German born scientist said “ Imagination is more important than knowledge”? Albert Einstein.
31: Seismology is the study of what? Earthquakes.
32: The word “taikonaut” refers to space travelers from which country? China.
33: What famous portrait is also known as “ La Gioconda”? Mona Lisa.
34: Portuguese is the official language of which South American country? Brazil.
35: @Pontifex is the official twitter handle of the holder of which post? The Pope.
36: Las Vegas is the largest city in which American state? Nevada.
37: Copacabana and Ipanema are areas in which city? Rio de Janeiro.
38: What are the two official languages of Canada? French and English.
39: Members of what religion would wear a hijab? Islam.
40: In which African country would you find the Horn of Africa? Somalia.
41: Shinto is the indigenous religion of which country? Japan.
42: In which city is the Arc de Triomphe? Paris
43: Purim, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah are festivals in which religion? Judaism.
44: What are Mandarins, Mallards and Eiders? Types of ducks.
45: Hajj is a pilgrimage carried out by Muslims to which city? Mecca.
46: Which music composer continued to compose great music when he was totally deaf? Ludwig van Beethoven.
47: What is the largest city in Africa? Cairo
48: Who was the president of America during the American Civil war? Abraham Lincoln.
49: What are layers of coal called? Seams.
50: Who in 1961 was the first person to travel into space? Yuri Gagarin.  First space walk: Alexy Leonov
51: What is an armistice? An end to fighting.

52: Who was Germany’s first female chancellor? Angela Merkel.
53: In cricket, what do the initials LBW stand for?  Leg Before Wicket. [ A  duck means zero runs in cricket.]
54: Haggis is made from which animal? Sheep.
55: Which three colours feature on both the Belgian and German flag?  Black, yellow and red.
56: Which word that describes a member of the dog family also is a type of tooth? Canine/
57: What form of government did the Russian people adopt after the 1917 revolution? Communism.
58: What is the longest bone in the human body?  Femur-thigh bone.
59: What is the largest organ of the body? Skin [Liver is largest internal organ]
60: Who started cubism and is considered the most famous modern painter? Pablo Picasso.