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1:What does an astronomer study? The stars.
2: An albatross is a term in golf. What type of creature is it? Bird. The Wandering Albatross has the largest wingspan of all living birds.
3: How many players on Gaelic football-hurling team? 15
4:What do you call boats that pull big ships to dock in a harbor? Tugboats.
5: Arachnophobia is a fear of what? Spiders
6: In what country would you find the region Burgundy? France.
7: In what county would you find Shannon airport? Co. Clare
8: What canal links the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean in Scotland? The Caledonian Canal. [ Panama Atlantic Pacific. Suez Mediterranean Red Sea/Indian Ocean]  Caledonia is the Latin name for Scotland.
9: Brack, Irish bread made with dried fruit, is traditionally eaten at time of year? Halloween.
10: Who is the current leader of Fianna Gael and Taoiseach? Enda Kenny. [Joan Burton Tanaiste Michael Noonan Finance Jan O Sullivan  Education]
11: The Stadio Della Alpi is in which country? Italy.
12: The Abbey Theatre was founded by W.B. Yeats and Lady Gregory. True or false. True.
13: Karol Wojtyla was the birth name of which Pope?   John Paul II
[Pope Benedict XVI first pope to resign in 600 years.  Pope Francis is from Argentina.]
14: In what state is the Swiss Guard responsible for national security? The Vatican.

15: Name the Englishman who is regarded as the as the founder of Rugby Union and whom the Rugby World Cup is named after? Webb Ellis.
16: When a full moon occurs in a month it is given a title. In what month of the year would the Hay Moon occur? July. [Two full moons in a calendar month is known as a Blue Moon.]

17: What is the name of the French National anthem?  La Marseillaise.
18: What mountain range forms a natural barrier between France and Spain? The Pyrenees.
19: Which queen married William of Orange? Mary II
20: In astronomy what is studied by a   helio astronomer?    The Sun.
21: Rheinfall waterfall has the greatest volume of water in Europe. In what country would you find it? Switzerland.
22: Where in your body would you find the tibia? Leg [shinbone]
23: What type of landscape in Ireland can be raised or blanket? Bog.
24: Who hosts the Late Late Show? Ryan Turbidy.  [Saturday Show - Brendan O’Connor]
25: What metal would you use to kill a werewolf? Silver
26: What country does the Loch Ness monster live in? Scotland.
27: Addis Ababa is the capital of which African country? Ethopia.
28: A young seal is called a pup. A male seal is called a bull. What is a female seal called? Cow.
29: Camembert, Stilton and Brie are all types of what? Cheese.
30: Ben Bulben is a large rock formation in which county? Sligo.
31:With what would you associate with a pile and an arabesque? Ballet.
32: Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay were the first men to do what in 1953? Climb Mount Everest.
33: Which European capital lies on the River Seine? Paris
34: Which great American river reaches the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans? Mississippi.
35: The Gestapo were the secret police of which European dictator? Adolf Hitler. [Born in Austria!}
36: Which country seperates Alaska from the rest of the United States? Canada.
37: What is the name of Eoin Colfer’s teenage criminal mastermind? Artemis Fowl.
38: What is a male witch called? Wizard
39: How many zeros in a googol? 100
40: How many letters in the Hebrew alphabet? 22.
41: In X men who has iron claws that emerge from his hands? Wolverine.
42: Who is manager of the English soccer team. Roy Hodgson.

43:How many millilitres in a litre? 1000
44: Fashion Designer Jean Paul Gaultier was born in 1952 in which French city? Paris.
45: Who presents the programme Deal or No Deal?   Noel Edmunds.
46: An app is a computer program. What is app an abbreviation of? An application.
47: Which ship sent the first SOS? SS Slavonia in 1909.
48: Mount Blanc is the highest mountain in France. What is the largest river in France ? The Loire.
49: In basketball you score a hoop. In snooker where do you pot the balls? In the pockets.
50:Edward Teach, the famous pirate was better known as what? Blackbeard.
51:What do you call the striped pattern that appears on most products and is scanned in shops? Barcodes.
52: What insect spreads malaria? Mosquito.
53: What is the name given to a prickly plant that grows in a desert? Cactus- Cactii.
54: When a rock from space hits Earth what is it called? Meteorite. [Meteor gets burned up.]
55: Bella, Carlisle, Jacob and Aro are characters in which series of books? Twilight.
56: What is the next leap year? 2016 [Brazil Olympics 2016]
57:What word is used to describe the basement of a castle where prisoners are kept? Dungeon.
58: Dry, roasted and cashew are types of what? Nuts.
59: What do you call a moving stairs found in shopping centres? Escalators.
60: What Australian city has a famous harbour and shell shaped opera house? Sidney.