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1: What do Americans call braces that hold up trousers? Suspenders.
2: In which country is La Paz? Bolivia.
3: Which  Olympic Sport needs a planting box? Pole Vault.
4:What is produced by the lachrymal glands? Tears.
5:What is the capital of Haiti?   Port-au-prince.
6:Which part of France would you come from if you were a Breton? Brittany.
7: What is exceeded to make a sonic boom? The speed of sound.
8:What year was the Hiroshima atom bombing? 1945
9: What is April’s birthstone? Diamond.
10:Which chemical formula represents Ice? H2O
11:What trade was abolished in 1807 in England.  The  slave trade.
12: What was first used by relay racers  in 1893? Batons.
13: Which Shakespeare play begins with a storm at sea?  The Tempest
14:Which part of the body is known as the thorax? The chest.
15:What was Captain Bligh’s most famous ship? The Bounty,
16: Which game is played to the Harvard rules?  American football.
17: What flying device did Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier invent? The balloon.
18:What is the capital of Chile? Santiago.
19:Where are rods and cones found in your body? The eye.
20:What flower is on the shirts of the English Rugby Union team?   A Red Rose.
21: Hispy and Quickstep are types of what? Cabbage
22: From which language does the word “tea” originate? Chinese.
23: Who invented the burglar alarm? Edwin T. Holmes.
24:From which language does the word “Algebra” originate?  Arabaic.
25: What character was played by Harrison Ford in Star wars?  Hans Solo.
26:What was the trade of Abraham Lincoln’s father? Carpenter.
27:Who invented the process of canning food? Nicholas Appert.
28: What does the J in JRR Tolkein, author of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit stand for? John Roland Reul Tolkein.
29: What is a male fox known as? A dog.
30: What is the Norwegian parliament known as? Storting.
31:The airline Lot is based in which country? Poland.
32:The picoseconds is the smallest unit of what? Time.
33:Where are the headquarters of the CIA? Langley, Virginia.
34:Who invented the centigrade scale? Anders Celsius.

35: Mercury and which other planet does not have a moon? Venus.
36: How long did the Hundred Years war last? 116 years.
37: Sitting Bull belonged to which tribe? The Sioux tribe.
38: What is the name of the cat in the Smurfs? Azrael.  
39: What is deoxyribonucleic acid? DNA
40:What is the only US state which borders on just one US state? Maine.
41: If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you found the letter A? One thousand.
42:Which dog has the best eyesight? The greyhound.
43: What was the name of Napoleon’s horse? Marengo.

44: Which actor was famous for the line Nanoo Nanoo?  Robin Williams.
45: Which actor played the part of Mrs. Doubtfire?  Robin Wiliams.
46:Brassica Rappa is the Latin name for which root vegetable? Turnip
47:The Sidewinder belongs to which group of snakes? Rattlesnakes.
48: A skulk is the collective name for which group of animals? Foxes
49:What is the capital of the Ukraine? Kiev.
50:What type of creature is a flying fox? A bat.
51:In which show did the Simpsons first appear?  The Tracy Ullman show
52: Which prehistoric creature’s name means “Terrible Lizard”? Dinosaur
53:What are pruned in coppicing? Trees.
54:What are you doing if you are mendicanting? Begging.
55: Where is the Bay of Rainbows? On the moon.
56: Dijon is famous for which condiment [sauce]? Mustard.
57:Air Force One is the US Presidents plane? What is Marine One? The President’s helicopter.
58:How  long is an Olympic swimming pool? 50m.
59:Only one South American country had a monarchy [king]. Which was it? Brazil.
60: How many edges does a cube have? 12