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1:How far can a dog walk into a wood? Halfway-then he is walking out again.

2:What is the geological name for the molten rock that comes out of an erupting volcano? Lava.

3:In which city would you find the White House?  Washington DC

4:Which country is home to Flamenco dancing? Spain.

5:Ash Wednesday is the first day of which Christian season? Lent. Preceded by Shrove Tuesday –Pancakes!

6: Which company would you associate with the perfume or fragrance No. 5? Chanel

7: Which title goes before the name of a person who has been knighted? Sir.

8: In cards, what colour is the ace of Spades? Black.

9:Who created the fictional character “Tracey Beaker”?  Jacqueline Wilson.

10: Who or what would somebody write about in an autobiography?    They would write about themselves.

11:What is a marmoset?    A kind of monkey. Very small.

12: Of which plant is a four leaved specimen considered lucky? Clover

13:Nashville, Tennessee, is the home of which kind of music? Country and Western.

14:What do you call a device for seeing through a brick wall? A window.

15: Apart from Britain, there is only one other country in Europe where you must drive on the left side of the road. Name it. Ireland.

16: In the night sky what can be full, half or new? The Moon

17:How many players are there on a Gaelic football  hurling team? Fifteen.

18:What kind of fish is an alewife? A herring.

19:What is a Springbok? An antelope found in South Africa.

20:Which part of a book is also the name of a finger? Index.

21: What name is given to the stand upon which an artist rests his painting? The easel.

22:What distance is a modern marathon?  42.195Km

23: Which black and white bear lives on a diet mainly of bamboo? Panda.

24:What is a Yellowhammer? A kind of bird.

25: To which part of the body does “nasal” refer?  The nose.

26: What name is given to the liquid inside a coconut? Milk.

27:Is Los Angeles situated on the east or west coast of America? West coast.

28:Which profession would be likely to use a rolling pin? Baker.

29: DIY is a hobby for grown ups. What is DIY? Do It Yourself.

30:What is a mastiff? A kind of dog-very large.

31:What kind of flying aircraft has no engine? A Glider.

32: In which USA state would you find the city of Dallas? Texas.

33:Who sat in the corner according to the nursery rhyme?     Little Jack Horner.

34:On which continent is the country South Korea? Asia

35: Which country is sometimes referred to as “Uncle Sam” ? USA.

36:Who was Samson’s wife? Delilah.

37:Which group released an album called “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”? The Beatles

38:Valencia island is located off the coast of which county? Kerry

39:What is an Ibex? A mountain goat.

40:How many petals has a primrose? 5

41:Who is the patron saint of Wales? St. David.

42:What is the Friday before Easter Sunday called? Good Friday.

43:The decathlon is an athletic contest made up of how many events? 10

44: What saint do you associate with a cross made out of rushes?   St. Brigid.

45:An admiral is a high ranking officer in which force?  The Navy.

46:What would you usually do with an artichoke? Eat it.

47: Name Harry Potter’s parents who were murdered by Voldemort.  James and Lily.

48: Harry potters owl is called …..? Hedwig.

49:In which county is there an area known as the Decies? Waterford.

50:If you were travelling on an aeroplane flight whose identification initials were EI, which airline would you be flying on? Aer Lingus.

51:The dauphin was the title given to the eldest son of the king of which European country? France.

52:Name the South African surgeon who performed the first heart transplant in 1967. Christian Barnard

53:In Asia, the poppy is grown as the source of which drug? Opium.

54: Who is the elder of the Mario brothers –Luigi or Mario? Mario

55:From which language does the word restaurant come from? French.


57:What is the modern name for Persia? Iran.

58:Which chemical element is represented by the letters Zn? Zinc.       Gold Au        Silver Ag        Iron Fe      Mercury Hg

59:In which country is The Wall Street Journal published? America.
60:Which musical note follows “lah” ? Tee         Do-Ray-Me-Fay-So-Lah-Tee-Do