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1:What part of the body is missing from the Sphinx? Its nose.

2: In Cockney rhyming slang, if you were asked to use your loaf [of bread], what would you be expected to use? Your head. [Jam jar- car]

3:Where is Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano? Hawaii.

4: Complete this acronym for SCUBA -as in scuba diving-Self Contained Underwater Breathing A……..? Apparatus.

5: The word Blitz in WWII comes from the German Blitzkrieg. What does it mean? Lightning war.

6: There are only two words in English with two Us side by side. One is CONTINUUM. What is the other? VACUUM.

7: In what month of the year do American presidential elections take place? November.

8:  What ingredient, apart from oranges, makes up marmalade? Sugar.

9: The Rio Grande river forms a border with Mexico and which American state? Texas.

10: What name is given to a group of eight musicians? Octet.

11: What dog is Velma and Daphne’s companion?  Scooby Doo.

12: Who was the only US president to resign? Richard Nixon.

13: What do the initials CCTV stand for?  Close Circuit Television.

14: At which pole would you find Polar Bears?   The North Pole.

15: What animal lives in a drey? A squirrel.

16:Where is the deepest point in the world’s oceans?   The Mariana trench in the North Pacific Ocean.

17:  Canis Familiaris is the Latin name for which animal? Dog.

18: In what Olympic sport do teams have to go backwards to win? Rowing.

19:  What is the name of a courtyard in a castle? Bailey.

20:Which American president appears on the one dollar bill?   George Washington.

21: In Oliver Twist who owned a dog called Bullseye?    Bill Sikes

22: Santiago is the capital city of which South American country? Chile.

23:Something cooked “Au Beurre” is cooked in which ingredient? Butter.

24: What is the name of the three headed dog that guards the Philosopher’s Stone in the Harry Potter books? Fluffy.

25: Cha is the Chinese word for which drink? Tea.

26: Where did the explorer Sir Robert Scott die in 1912?  Antarctica

27: Which Russian city was formerly known Leningrad?   St. Petersburg.

28; Which 16th century astrologer is famous for his prophecies? Nostradamus.

29: Who is Vice President of America? Joe Biden

30: Sayonara means goodbye in what language? Japanese.

31: What is Barak Obama’s middle name? Hussein.

32: Where do ants live? Colonies.

33: Which pop group took it’s name from the lead character in the Back to the Future films? McFly.

34: Arachnophobia afflicts people who are afraid of what? Spiders.

35: A libretto is the text of what type of musical? Opera.

36: Where does sherry come from? Spain.

37: What would you do with a balalaika ? Play it.

38: In Star Wars who is Luke Skywalker’s twin sister?   Princess Leia Organa

39: Anglia was the Roman name for which country? England.

40: What was the name Little Annie’s dog in the musical Annie? Sandy.

41: What happened to everything that King Midas touched?   It turned to gold.

42: Name the only South American country where Portuguese is the national language. Brazil

43: What people thought they went to Valhalla when they died? The Vikings.

44: Out of what material are computer chips made? Silicon.

45: To determine the left bank or right bank of a river, do you look upstream or downstream? Downstream.

46: What is the main feature of a marsupial?    It carries its young in a pouch.

47: The wood of which tree is used to make hurley sticks? Ash.“The clash of the Ash!”

48: What do you call the list of ingredients used to prepare a dish? A recipe

49: Which country produces Bordeaux wine? France

50: What do you call your grandfather’s father?    Great-Grandfather.

51: What type of food is a Chanterelle?   A mushroom. {Gold coloured}

52: What colour is the Black Box that every aircraft must carry? Orange.  

[The black box is used after an accident to track the history of the aircraft. It is coloured orange so it can be found easily.]

53: In which county was the Antarctic explorer Earnest Shackleton born? Kilkea, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

54: What is the largest  city in the Sierra Madre mountains? Mexico.

55: Which well known food was introduced to Ireland by Sir  Walter Raleigh? The potato.

56: What colour is a polar bears skin when it is born? Black.

57: Who lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace? The Simpsons.

58: What is a collection of otters known as ? Colony.

59: What dog is named after a Mexican state? Chihuahua.

60: In what year did the first hosting of Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon, take place? 1897.