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1: Johann Sebastian are the Christian names of which famous German composer? Bach.
2: The river Rhine is known as the “gateway to Europe”. Which port is situated at its mouth? Rotterdam.
3: When you divide the circumference of any circle by its diameter, what number do you always get? Pi  3.14159 ........
4: Who lives at apartment 221B Baker street?  Sherlock Holmes.
5: What part of the egg is used to make mayonnaise?   The yolk.
6: A burqa is worn by women of which religion? Islam.
7: What word, equivalent to “wages,” comes from the Latin word for salt? Salary. Sal is the Latin for salt which was used to pay the wages of soldiers etc.  What is a saline solution?
8: How  long should you cook an oyster for? You don’t.   Oysters are eaten raw.
9: What is measured in fathoms? The depth of the sea.
10: Who directed the Indiana Jones films? Steven Spielberg.
11: Where is Brian Boru buried?   The north wall of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh.
12: What is the longest mountain range in the world?   The Andes in South America.
13:Where is the Sistine chapel? Rome.    Painted by Michelangelo.
14: If you order a drink of orange, on the rocks, what should you get with your glass of orange? Ice cubes.
15:What is the singer’s Adele’s surname?  Adele Adkins.
16: Excluding the continent Australia, what is the largest island in the world? Greenland.
17: Where does a funambulist like to walk? On a tightrope.   Philippe Petit 1974 Twin Towers  [Somnambulist is a sleepwalker.]

18:Name the Greek God who spent all his  time looking at his own reflection ? Narcissus
19: What English explorer was killed in Hawaii in 1779?   Captain James Cook.
20: Who composed the music for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars and Jaws? John Williams
21: What does the German word STOLLEN mean? Cake
22: What is Shrek’s wife’s name? Princess Fiona
23: Which is bigger-Giga byte or Megabyte? Gigabyte
24: What colour lipstick did actors wear in early silent movies? Black
25: What is the first American state in alphabetical order? Alabama
26: Which breed of dog is reputed to be the fastest? Greyhound
27: Name the first airplane to fly entirely around the world without refuelling? Rutan Voyager. It took nine days and three minutes!
28: Who wrote the Peter Rabbit books? Beatrix Potter/
29: How many players in a baseball team? Nine players on the field.
30: What is the softest mineral? Talc  [Diamond - hardest mineral.]
31: Neptune has thirteen known moons. Which is the largest? Triton.
32:When was the Hubble telescope launched? April 24 1990
33: What herb is often added to white sauce, and served with bacon and cabbage? Parsley.
34: What is the capital of Jordan? Amman
35: Which is the only muscle in the body that is attached at one end only?   The tongue.
36: What is a slalom? A downhill snow course event.
37: What unit of measurement is referred to by the letters TSP? A Teaspoon. TBS is a tablespoon. 
[Letter B for taBlespoon is how you tell the difference.]
38:Which planet has the most moons? According to NASA Jupiter has 66 known moons . Saturn has 62 known moons.[Neptune is furthest from the sun and Mercury is smallest and nearest to the sun.]
39:What do you call the art of  miniature trees grown in pots in Japan? Bonsai.
40:What town between Lake Huron and Lake Erie was founded by the Frenchman Cadillac? Detroit.
41: Which is the longest snake in the world? The python.
42: On the roulette wheel, what colour is zero? Green.
43: Which is the smallest ocean? The Arctic ocean.
44: How often does the moon orbit the earth?  [27.3days]    27 days, 7hours, 43 minutes and 11 seconds!    
45:What is the minimum number of games needed to win a set in tennis? Six.
46:In which city was Anne Frank’s hiding place? Amsterdam.
47:What is the largest lake in the British Isles? Lough Neagh.
48:Which is the most common eye colour? Brown,
49: What did Louis Bleriot achieve in aviation history in 1909? He was first man to cross the English channel in an aeroplane.
50: Where is the Caledonian canal? Scotland.  Latin for Scotland is Caledonia .
51: There is only one bridge over the river Liffey in Dublin that is named after a woman. Who is she?  Rosie Hackett
52: What kind of sport takes place in Doncaster, Newmarket and Cheltenham? Horse racing.
53: Which  English writer had his plays performed at the Globe theatre?  Shakespeare.
54: What is the highest mountain in Great Britain? Ben Nevis.
55: What nationality was Pablo Picasso? Spanish.
56: What does a meteorologist study? The weather.
57: What kind of machine is used to make furrows in the land?  The plough.
58: Mark Zuckerberg was involved in founding what social network site? Facebook.
59: What do you call a whole number? An integer.
60: With which country do you associate the food sushi-[raw fish and rice]? Japan.