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General School Rules

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  1. Always wear the full school uniform, including tie, except on your P.E. day.
  2. All children’s personal belongings should be clearly marked.
  3. Please check your child’s homework and sign homework notebook at teacher’s request.
  4. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
  5. No jewellery of any description to be worn.
  6. No fighting, kicking or foul language.
  7. School lunches should only contain healthy food.  No ‘junk food’ please e.g. fizzy drinks, sweets, biscuits, (other than a plain variety) crisps, chocolate bars, etc.
  8. No mobile phones to be brought into school under any circumstances. Children found in possession of a mobile phone in school will have the phone confiscated and a fine of €20 (donated to charity) must be paid for the return of same.
  9. Children are not allowed to leave the school building unless by prior arrangement. Child must be signed out at the school office by a parent/guardian.  
  10. The school car park is reserved for staff cars and private buses.
  11. Please do not bring your child in or out the front door.  This door is reserved for staff, parents on their own and other visitors.
  12. Be on time for school.


  1. Stay in your own yard
  2. Line up when the bell rings in your line at your appropriate number.
  3. Play with children of your own age.
  4. Keep off the grass and shrubbed areas.
  5. No cycling inside the school gate.
  6. Please encourage your child not to litter and to respect the environment.
  7. Place your litter in the bins provided.
  8. No swinging from the crossbar of the goal posts.
  9. In the interest or health and safety, pupils who continually misbehave in the school yard will be removed from the yard for a period of time.


  1. No running in the corridor or around the classroom.
  2. Enter and exit the building by the door assigned to your class.
  3. Stay in your seat when the teacher is out of the room.
  4. Please encourage your child to treat teachers and fellow pupils with respect at all times.
  5. Respect school property as you would your own – no writing on tables, chairs, walls etc.

Notes must be provided to the teacher to:-

·      Explain lateness

·      Explain absences



I have read the above School Rules and have instructed my child on the importance of obeying them.

SIGNED:  _______________________________  (Parent/Guardian)

DATE:  _____________________    



Photo Consent Form

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I,  __________________________________  (PRINT NAME)    parent/guardian


of _______________________________________________(PRINT  NAME)   


hereby:   1)  grant permission    [  ]       2)  do not grant permission   [  ] (tick appropriate box)

to Holy Family School to take and use photographs and/or digital images of my

child for use in news releases and/or educational materials e.g. printed publications or materials,

electronic publications and Holy Family School Website for the duration of his/her time in the school.


I agree that my child’s name and identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary in

connection with the image(s). 


                                              SIGNED:   _____________________________________

                                                                    SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN


                                             DATE:     ____________________________________







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