School Day

The school day begins at 9.00 a.m. and finishes at 1.40 p.m. for Infants and 2.40 p.m. for all other standards. Junior Infant children may be brought straight to their classrooms in the morning. All other children remain in the yard until the bell rings (except in inclement weather).

It is important that you give your child the benefit of a full day at school by ensuring that he is in school on time and is not collected early except when really necessary e.g. medical appointment etc. I calculate that a child arriving 5 minutes late for school each day would lose out more than 3 months education in the course of his primary school education.

No child is allowed home for lunch, unless he has presented a signed note to the principal. This note must be renewed annually. When it is necessary for a child to leave the school on an occasional basis e.g. dental appointment, the appropriate section in the School Journal must be completed, signed by a parent and presented to the class teacher.  The child must be signed out and in by the parent/guardian at the school office. 

All pupils should leave the premises promptly when school is finished, unless they are engaged in supervised extra curricular activities or are waiting for a bus.